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Thoughts from Back Home

It's exactly one week to the day since Ruth II returned to her home in Palma and we had a lovely little drinks party in the RCNP bar to celebrate the end of the voyage.

Since then the crew have also got to their homes, in my case a cold and damp Cork City, a sharp return to reality following my successful avoidance of the Irish winter since early January.

A reality that includes the fact our voyage is already mentally well in the past - there are family and friends to catch up on and jobs to be done.

More than a couple of times in the last week I have had to stop and think; was I really out at sea living with total strangers for 9 weeks? Ok, there was the occasional visit to yet another exotic island but mainly the answer is a huge YES. I really was just existing day to day, on watch, off watch, eating, cleaning, reading, listening, learning, just literally sailing through life.

For me at least, I loved the fact that there was no contact with the outside world once we left land. In fact my only contact between ports was the occasional one way communication with you, Ruth II's blog followers, which I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoyed reading. In our utterly connected world it is practically impossible to switch out, something I am as guilty of as anyone, so this was a refreshing experience.

Getting back reading was another refreshing one for me, and my book of the voyage must be the one pictured. Tim Butcher's book "Blood River" is as good an explanation for the present state of Africa post colonisation as any, and a useful backdrop to our instruction to stay at least 200NM off the coast at all times. Given that on our particular voyage we saw colonial effects everywhere we went it was very thought provoking for me.

Another little escape was my daily 1/2 hour in my cabin with the Audible version of that wonderful TV comedy "Yes Minister" - still so apt today although it is now headed for 40 years old and great fun.

Thanks Ruth II and the Shanahans, James, Par, Andrew, Mary, Jack my fellow crewmates, and all of ye for following.  Now back to reality!

Signing out


  1. To Liam, Ruth, James and all your crew, Ruth 11s shared journey is an insight into the incredible yacht Ruth is, vision and passion for the adventure by Liam & Ruth, the organisation, leadership and welcome by James, Liam & Ruth, all the guest helms, cooks, trimmers, bloggers thank you, we the readers felt we were with you. Thankyou all for sharing the adventure, congratulation on an incredible circumnavigation of our world, all the best James O C


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