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Notes From A Newcomer - Tenerife to Palma

13:00 - Friday, 3rd March

Joining a boat as a newbie, on it's last 1200nm of an around the world trip
is an exciting yet daunting prospect.

The last minute call to join the crew started a mad rush to make it to
Tenerife before the boat departed. An opportunity too good to miss.

With no idea what to expect or even what to pack I made my way to Santa

Welcomed aboard by James who quickly reassured me that I was not the first
novice ocean sailor to join the boat, which he now fondly refers to as the
"Ruth II Ocean Cruising Academy - for those who are considering buying a

There is so much to learn and soak up in the first 24 hours onboard. A run
through of safety procedures, navigation equipment and how everyone likes
their tea.
Once settled in life quickly begins to form a routine. The day revolves
around watches, excellent food by Par and the learning of new skills.
Knitting is the choice of the long term crew and it's splicing for myself.

Life aboard is extremely comfortable but you can make it as uncomfortable
for yourself and others as you like by simply trying to get the most out of
the boat. My enthusiasm for trying to make the boat go faster is not always
shared by those who have been here for months. This is the biggest learning
in the "Ocean Cruising Academy" - 0.5 of a knot is not worth it if it
affects how comfortable any of the crew are while sleeping.
I do think I have gotten through to James though as he was seen adjusting
the jib sheet cars this morning for the first time since Cape Town.

Despite all the sailing there is always time for a photoshoot. See the
results below.

What an experience it has already been to sail such an incredible boat for
even just a few days.

Back soon with more,



  1. Great Jack !

  2. Well done Jack on a very interesting report. Almost feel like I spend an hour on it myself! Mike


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