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Final Day - Canary Island to Palma

12:00 - Wednesday 8th March

Lifestyle Section.

It's been an eventful 36 hours onboard since we last spoke.
We are currently sailing downwind in 20 knots on our final gybe to Palma.
Less than 20 nm to go now.

James regularly quotes Paddy, Tom & Kieran who observed that sailing this
boat means you are always flat out. Swimming, cooking, cleaning and actually
sailing - it really takes it out of you. However with our arrival imminent
we had to get on with it. James started by entering Par's 'Aft Deck Salon '
for a beard trim and haircut - we think he did a good job considering the
boat was constantly rolling.
For Par the pressure was on to catch a fish before the end of the trip, he
proved himself by reeling in a sizeable Bluefin Tuna. An impressive catch
but awkwardly timed as we sat down to eat Ramen for dinner.
Personally I had set out to make sure I saw at least one sunrise. A helpful
knock on the cabin door at 5:30 / 6:30 am this morning ensured I didn't miss
the last opportunity for what turned out to be a special one.
Time has been a topic of discussion on board these last 2 days. Boat time
had been UTC but as we arrive in Spain where the time is UTC+1. When we
changed was up for debate.

With so much happening onboard all the time so many stories are missed. From
morning swims when the wind is calm, to dolphins jumping across our bow and
amazing food at sunset, it is hard to capture it all in a short post.
Heading back onto deck now to enjoy the last few hours of sailing in flat
seas with following wind and clear blue skies.