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Day 7 from Canaries - almost home

1400 Tuesday, March 7th 

Almost there - we dropped anchor at 0400 this morning off what could be a tropical desert island. 

The picture seems so appropriate, it could be many of the lovely places this yacht has visited in her relatively short life. 

It's actually Formentera, very close to Ibiza, and just 75NM from Ruth II's Palma home. Normally buzzing with large powerboats and all sorts, today being a weekday, and out of season, we have it totally to ourselves. 

We will be in tomorrow PG, the end for me of what has been an amazing adventure. The map is from Yellow Brick, which has the voyage trail of all the Oysters on the 22/23 World Rally, and is worthy of examination if you haven't already. 

There is probably just one more post in me but it might take a week or so to gather my thoughts. So I signing out for now. 

Please do check in though as Jack is going to keep the blog going....

Tom C


  1. Thank you Tom. Love the blog

  2. Yes - thanks a mill Tom.

  3. I have been following since St Helena. What a journey. Well done

  4. Well Done everyone involved and Tom for the brilliant blogs

  5. Congrats all… amazing achievement and experience


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