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Day 6 from Canary Islands to Palma

Monday March 6th

This blog post was written at 0200 this morning.

It's a lovely bright night, the moon is almost full, and I am as ever at
this time on watch alone.

Appropriately the wind has gone behind and the shipping has thinned away, at
least for now.

The genoa is goose-winged and the main preventer is on, the engine is off -

It's exactly like Cape Town to the Doldrums for me and it is so nice.

Others reading this will have their own memories of Ruth II's many passages
over the past few years. She has had so many people help crew her to this
point and I am sure each has their own favourite memory of a fantastic

Last night sometime before midnight we passed Capo de Gata, the SE corner of
Spain, and our course from here is pretty straight to Mallorca and Ruth II's
home port of Palma. The city of Murcia hides behind the next headland.

The pic was taken sometime on the evening of January 3rd last when I was
about 35,000 feet over this spot, and 10 hours from Cape Town.

It has taken a bit longer to get back!