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Day 5 - Canary Islands to Palma

15:00 - Sunday 5th March

We have arrived in the Med!
A seamless passage overnight through the Straits, keeping well clear of the shipping lanes as we hopped along the southern coast passed Tangier, Morocco. Plenty of boat watching to keep us entertained (look at all the targets on our plotter!) but none of the stress we had anticipated. See James and Par keeping a close eye on the charts on approach to the Straits.

This morning around 6am we crossed the traffic lanes to the northern side. We are now motoring passed Grenada and its snow capped mountains. The wind is due to fill in from behind this evening for what should hopefully be a nice sail in a straight line towards Palma.
At sunrise the wildlife came out to greet us with dolphins and whales sighted frequently. A small pod of Orca's kept us alert but thankfully they kept well clear.

Life Onboard - Winter is here
Who would have thought that the Mediterranean in winter would be so cold. Last nights watches called for all the layers we had. Thermals, hats and full foul weather gear became the clothing of choice to try stay warm (including boots!!) . Not quite the shorts weather I had planned for.
With building winds a busy morning was had getting everything prepared. Laundry was the main topic with makeshift washing lines strung up anywhere there was space. Photo above of Par and Tom hard at work!
Spirits are high as we are on the home stretch.

James' Joke Of The Day:
Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?
Because they are really good at it!

That's all for now,