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Day 4 from the Canary Islands

15:00 - Saturday 4th March

The Straits of Gibraltar are within touching distance however the wind has
died. We are motoring straight towards the entrance which we expect to enter

Traffic has already increased, with every watch now focused on staying well
clear of giant cargo ships which pass frequently. Tonight will be a busy
night especially for James who will be guiding us through the busy Traffic
Separation Zone as we enter the Straits. 12 hours of transiting the channel
and then we will be into the Med with (hopefully!) some moderate following
winds to bring us all the way to Palma.

Lifestyle Update - Day 4 in the Big Brother House
Crew activities remain largely unchanged with knitting needles and the
splicing kit being ever present in the cockpit. The desire to catch a fish
has increased as we head north - unfortunately the success rate hasn't.
We also stopped in 1000m of water this morning for a swim with calm seas and
the sun shining, perfect conditions for a pre breakfast dip.

As I write this Lunch/Dinner is about to be served. The big news here is
that we have managed to remove Par from his galley over the last 48 hours
and myself and James have muscled in to help out with the cooking. This has
left Par with time to whip up some desserts. Chocolate and Rasberry Pudding
yesterday and a chocolate cake today. Yesterday was the first and likely
last time I will see someone piping a dessert while sailing along upwind at
9 knots - seriously impressive. (photos attached)

That's all for today. Time to eat and nap before a long night.



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