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Day 3 from Canary Islands

1030 - Friday, 3rd March

We are approximately half way between the northern end of the Canary
Archipelago and Gibraltar, our log showing 290NM since we upped anchor at
1800 the day before yesterday.

Having motor sailed in light winds and a flat sea up to dawn this morning,
as I write this we have just reconnected with the NE trade winds. Right now
we have the wind back on the nose with a shortish chop, hopefully not for
too long. However Ruth II seems to sense that home is near, she is galloping
along through it at 7.5 kts, possibly helped by the enthusiasm and racing
knowledge of our latest crew addition, Jack.

The Canaries stops, though brief, gave all of the crew time and space to
rest and recharge - all of the ocean legs have been a minimum of a Round
Ireland, and some two or three - for the first time I have begun to dream
of getting to the end, and getting home.

Ruth II as ever has us cocooned and comfortable, we have had some
adventures, and I for one am very grateful for the experiences over the past
two months, but it is nearly time.

Luckily, Jack has offered to help with this blog from here so the next post
will be from him.