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Canaries Departure

Ruth II is almost back home in Palma.

This morning we anchored off the tiny island of Lá Graciosa, a lovely place to stretch the legs before of last 1050NM leg to Mallorca, some 500NM into the Mediterranean.

On yesterday's short 150NM trip from Santa Cruz we saw more ships than we had over the previous 5000NM, a feature that will only increase exponentially as we approach the Straights of Gibraltar.

A few last photos before we depart:

1. James, our Skipper, with Ruth II at anchor this morning - a powerful yacht that it has been a privilege for me to help crew from Cape Town.

2. The rest of the crew - Jack joined us in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Par needs no introduction.

3. Leaving Santa Cruz yesterday. Most of the Canaries seem highly developed....

4. ... but then there is our current anchorage, apparently one of the best in these Islands.

5. Right now there are final underwater boat checks underway, nicer than doing it in harbour.

Not long now before Ruth II should be home - and her crew too!