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Just a little reflection - at sea on a quiet lone watch gives plenty of opportunity to take in how insignificant we are in the greater scheme of things. 

1. The vastness of Space, the brilliance of the Sun, occasionally Venus, Saturn and Jupiter at dusk, and the closeness of a full Moon - and we are just something tiny (sorry Liam, Ruth II is still fab) on the sea.

2. Jamestown, St Helena - inside the walls are festooned with memorials desperately trying to maintain a memory. 

3. Rural, St Helena - the chickens seem to be introduced at a couple of days old. 

4. Georgetown, Ascension Island. 

5. Praia, Cape Verdes. 

6&7. Praia again - I stumbled upon these First Communions - a facinated voyeur at others beautiful family occasion. 

Not sure if there is an answer however this voyage has allowed me space for which I am grateful. RIP Dad. 



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