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On the Subject of Food

I think it was Napoleon who said that an army matches on its stomach. There is no doubt that a well fed crew is a happy and effective crew and one of the amazing features of this voyage has been the food.

We have been blessed to have some wonderful cooks on board - to the extent that some of us have gracefully withdrawn from any attempt to complete, and instead have become washing up specialists.

I thought when I first came aboard in Cape Town that it would be impossible for anyone to cope with meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the one sitting - however it just happens every afternoon without fuss or drama that everyone is totally satisfied.

Some pics to try to illustrate.

1. Ravioli production line in full swing. Start by making pasta yourself (no shortcuts on Ruth II) and take it from there - this particular cook-up is all in Andrew's video - the link is in the last blog post in case you missed it.

2. Pizza Day - somewhere in the South Atlantic.

3. The traditional Irish meat and two veg - except the beef was South African I think - delicious homemade gravy.

4. The Ocean Fry that we had for the most recent Birthday...

5. ...of our very own Swedish Chef.

6. This is just to give an idea of the provisioning, just the vegetables are in the photo, the fruit, dairy, and dry goods (not to mention the cleaning products) are elsewhere. And this is just for four of us for 10 days!  

7. Sometimes the food just appears on the deck. We have not been overly successful with the fishing however as you will note Par relishes ever opportunity to cook fresh.