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Mindelo observations

Yesterday you only got pics of Praia, so here is a flavour of Mindelo, our other Cape Verdes stop. 

1. The harbour is lovely, with many cruisers using it as a staging post to take as much as 800 miles off in the Atlantic crossing. The yacht marina is behind the high ground at the root of the commercial pier in the photo.

2. The entrance is marked by a high rock with a very distinctive staircase lighthouse. In the background is Ilha de Santo Antao, the second largest Cape Verde, and apparently the vegetable garden of the islands.   

3. Everyone is generally well dressed. 

4 & 5. The old town has lovely buildings. 

6. The pic that wasn't used at the property expo! Whoever named the islands must either have been colour blind or a marketing guru. Cape Bán Dubh (use Google translate if you have to) more like. 

7. Do visit, it's fab, but if you arrive by boat keep a good lookout when navigating - this sunken ship is unmarked close to the direct route to the marina.