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Life on the Ocean - Crossing "The Line" (Part 2)


7. Nothing was safe from the pot! The flying fish were plentiful and some poor unfortunates had a hard landing. 

8&9. The Line. From the screen image you will see we crossed just short of 3 days into our voyage from Ascension Island. There were only a couple of us aboard at the time as Mary, Andrew and Par swam across. You might also note the bananas are ripening.

10. Dreamy night watch - lightening trade wind, almost full moon, nothing near but a sleeping crew and Ruth II gently gliding Northwards. 

Some days later we had a rude awaking as to the challenges ahead - no picture can do justice to the difference as the wind reverses direction so none offered in this post anyway. 

We were glad of our full night's sleep tied to the concrete wall in Praia last night. 

TC 11/2/23