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Life on the Ocean - Crossing "The Line" (Part 1)

This post was originally sent while we still in Praia but failed. It is now split in two and hopefully will work this time but please read it as if dated yesterday.

It's been 10 days already since we crossed over the equator, it's much further South than I imagined (if that makes sense or it could be I'm losing it!).

I'm really only saying that because the entire trip from Cape Town, almost at southern tip of Africa, to there was relatively short and easy. Also with the equator well below where both Africa and Brazil bulge towards each other, the whereabouts of the African continent was never a factor of our navigation decision making before now. 

I have alluded before to how Ruth II's crew easily and happily fall back into routine once voyaging, truth is it is easy with the predictability of trade winds and even easier when they are behind you.

The various "Day from Ascension" posts hopefully have painted a pretty good picture of the changes to life at sea as we have moved to the Northside - however now with Wifi maybe pictures themselves will talk better.

1. It wasn't just sails that needed trimming during our passage thru the ITCZ. No sooner were the parasols out to give shade to the gym area than we would have a whole gale, or torrent, or thunder and lightening.

2 & 3. Keeping ourselves trimmed has been aided by Ruth II's lovely wide aft deck. The benefit of having a real physio available has been wonderful for me as being confined to the boat for many days is challenging for the muscles. Anyone interested in this subject - check out Andrews video that was posted in St Helena for a fab segment of real Physio at Sea with Mary. 

4. Daily bucket shower - a bit of shampoo and we are perfect again for another 24 hrs.

5 & 6. I may have mentioned the food occasionally - just a couple of samples of daily galley output.

Part 2 to follow shortly