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Day 9 from Ascension

12 Noon - Tuesday Feb 7th

Some weeks ago in one of these 'At Sea' blog posts I said how great Trade
Winds were when they are behind you. That was in the context of Ruth II's
regular 200NM 24 hr run before we got to the ITCZ.

Our most recent 24 hr run is somewhat under 120 NM, now that we are fully
clear of the Doldrums we have had the 16/20kt Trades against us along with
the foul current that goes with it.

So our ETZ in the Cape Verdes is about 3 more days all going well - and at
that stage (with WiFi again) I will look forward to sharing with you my
newly acquired knowledge of celestial navigation (don't worry it won't take
long!) and maybe share some intimate photos of the crew bathing near the

Shock, horror, two evenings ago we ate a factory produced frozen cottage pie
from the freezer for dinner, however I am delighted to report that normal
standards reappeared last evening when the skipper produced a Mexican feast
from the galley - the days are not that insufferable after all!

For anyone interested in checking out the Cape Verdes - we have three
options for arrival as we must clear in at an official port of entry. Porto
de Praia on Ilha de Santiago is our closest option and most likely first
stop. After that depending on conditions we will be free to island hop a
bit, with the modern marina at Mindelo (Sao Vincente) some 170NM NW of Praia
looking attractive as our proper rest and provisioning stop.

Ruth II is facing up beautifully to the new conditions and protecting us -
we will do our best to mind her as well...