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Day 4 from Cape Verdes

1530 Wednesday 22nd February.

This leg was always going to be slow - the log says we have sailed 465 NM,
yet we are still 550 NM from Tenerife - the 830 NM direct distance will
probably translate into over 1100 NM by the time we are there - it's a long
slog to windward and the Canaries current has also not helped averaging over
1kt against us.

Currently we are sailing towards Mauritania in 12kts of breeze and a flat
sea - Ruth II is very happy to have left the lumpy stuff behind for a while.

Today has been full of excitement - for starters, we tacked onto port around
mid-day after 3 full days on starboard.

The real thing though is it's Par's Birthday - and already we have had a
magnificent Full Ocean Breakfast (sausages, eggs, cabbage fry, potato fry,
tomatoes, beans, and lots of tasty bits) - the skipper was busy in the
galley all morning.

After that we had tea and birthday cup-cakes, along with the presentation of
gifts (primarily culinary items for some reason). This is a great
opportunity to thank Par in particular for his magnificent contribution to
Ruth II. His seamanship, good humour and great food have really helped in
making this voyage very pleasant for all of us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAR.

However not all upside - since Mary left the conversations have gone to pot!
Yesterday among the topics there was even a discussion on the best
techniques for usings the heads upwind. Please come back Mary, your presence
here is sorely missed.



  1. I’m missing you guys and life on board big time . Life on land is far too complicated !!! Keep the exercise going Par and keep the chats clean the rest of you !!!! M


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