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Day 3 from Ascension

Wednesday February 1st - Midday

We finally departed Georgetown around 1900 two evenings ago and have been
making steady progress Northwards ever since.

All going well, the SE trade wind that has carried us from Cape Town may
well get us past the equator something tomorrow afternoon and we will be
back to winter (or even spring) officially.

That wind is unlikely to bring us much further, certainly by Friday morning
we should be experiencing the ITCZ and then we will start to burn our
carefully conserved diesel. We could be motor sailing for much of remaining
1,000 NM to the nearest of the Cape Verde Islands - thru calms and then most
likely headwinds.

It looks like we will cross 0 degrees somewhere about 16W, once we start
motoring we will try to hold this longitude or even work a bit E of it again
which should give us a better slant to our destination when we finally reach
the NE Trades sometime early next week.

The crew are all in good shape - Mary has found a victim to join her for the
workout sessions on the aft deck, the knitting continues, some salt water
bucket showers have been taken, sextant sight taking is proving troubling
for your author, and the change of white flour to a strong Irish variety has
fecked up the recipe again!



  1. Welcome back to N Hemisphere again. Safe motoring / ET


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