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Cape Verdes Arrival

Just a quick post to announce our arrival at Praia, the Capital and largest City in the Cape Verdes. 

We snuck in at daybreak ahead of Vasco de Gáma, a medium size cruise ship and are tied solidly to a concrete wharf in the commercial harbour. 

It was never our plan to stay long, Praia is not really set up for visiting yachts although all the officials have been welcoming and helpful. 

A few of us have taken the opportunity to taxi to the plateau, the old part of town, a place that reminds me of certain colonial cities in South America - the picture is of the vegetable market near the main square. 

We are on the largest island, and apparently it is interesting to explore, however not for us this time. 

Tomorrow morning we hope to be back at sea for the relatively short 24 hr hop to Mindelo marina - just 170NM NW. 

For those of you reading this with a stove lighting or the heating on - some crew members have started to complain about the cold here, but please don't worry for us - it's way warmer than I ever remember Schull pier in August!