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Boats for Oceans

Just a quick review of the options for crossing the pond, as observed from the marina this few days. 

1. Deluxe Boat - not sure if you would be allowed sail it yourself, and if you were whether you would need all the rooms!

2. Full Colour Boat - lovely hull, strong rig, go anywhere and everywhere. 

3. Modern Way Boat - serious contender for ideal couples boat and I think this one is a ballasted center-boarder so handy for beach and coral.

4. Younger Couples Boat - this neat one I'd guess is 29 feet overall. Her young crew are heading for Surinam in a few days - at just 1800 NM, about as short as you can make it. 

5. Already Knows the
Way Boat - not sure if sheep are grazing in the rigging or it's a form of talcum powder for sails. 

6. Familiar Looking Boat - Looks like a big sister to Golden Apple, the boat the Coveney family did their circumnavigation on in the 1990s. This one won't be leaving Mindelo anytime soon. 

7. Pirate's of the Caribbean Boat - another large but older vessel than number 1. 

The boats have been coming and going regularly ever since we arrived at this lovely ocean highway service station.  

Message is there is a boat for every budget and preference.