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Stevie Wonder

Ebony and Ivory , live together in perfect harmony, side by side on my keyboard , so lord why can't we?

At the risk of coming across angry…., seriously …., what utter rubbish !!

The divide between grotesquely rich and hideously poor here in South Africa is huge. The colour of your skin makes it so much more noticeable and quite frankly it's awful. You can see the strategies people adopt to justify it and the range is from outright hatred to racisms statements like " the whites are very good to the blacks ".

The corruption goes all the way to the top. It's in the corrupt governments interest to maintain the stratus quo. It's a. tight balancing act, they don't want things to get so bad they've a Bolshevik style revolution on their hands yet they need to kept the poor , poor so the money goes to the few.

The whites here are used to the crime and accept it like we accept the rain .

"Armed response " signage on their homes is standard and everyone has high wire electric fencing. No big deal- it's standard.

Beautiful here- yes-. Am I comfortable here - no-.

If the appetite was for change like in the days of Mandela and Tutu , great, but it's not and that makes me sad.



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