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St Helena at Last

Ruth II is resting, tethered to the last vacant red mooring under the towering 1000+ foot cliff near Jamestown on the SW side of the island. 

We arrived about midnight and with the aid of just a few shore and anchor lights to complement our torches picked our way through the mooring field and attached ourselves to our new harbour home for this weekend anyway. 

This morning the protecting cliff was revealed in all it's glory, as was the very full anchorage - not sure where the rest of the Oysters will go but suspect they will be using every bit of chain they have. Good opportunity to say how grateful the crew are for our skipper James. 

Anyway we are now checked in and starting to gently explore. 

With occasional WiFi we should be able to catch up with family and friends over the next few days. 

The photo shows the colonial architecture which makes Jamestown quite charming, and the Market Building where hopefully Mary and Par will find some fresh fruit and vegetables before will set off again, possibly Monday, for Ascension.