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One last Picture post from Ascension

Ruth II's incredibly generous owner Liam has instructed me to post once more before we leave. 

1. Things went a bit bananas yesterday up the mountain - that's my midnight lunchbox sorted for some time.

2. The note on the door of the church....

3. ...and the reason why. The island has a resident wild population, along with rabbits, rats and other imports. 

4. The "Dew Pond" just below the highest peak - Charles Darwin was given the job of trying to sort out water for passing ships and his solution was to try to create a rain forest and planted loads of trees. Not sure if it worked....

5. ... but there was plenty of money spent on water collection systems - if you zoom in you may find a wild black sheep!

6. The Red Lion was not a pub unfortunately - think it was where all the water workers lived. 

7. And finally - this is our way off the island - cling to the ropes as you jump on to a dinghy or ferry and just make sure you time the swell. 

Next post will definitely be at sea - I think!!!


  1. Thanks Tom. Looks like your make great progress. Enjoy and I hope the weather holds fare. Bartley

  2. Great pics Tom thanks - looks like you had a super stop and welcome from the people there. L


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