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Life on the Ocean - one remote Atlantic Stop to the next.

We are now 36 hrs stopped again, having arrived at Ascension Island yesterday morning. 

Mary has already done a report on last night's nocturnal activities on the beach with the turtles - an amazing experience for all of us to see these large  prehistoric creatures completing their mission in life. 

So two more picture posts in succession now should bring you up to date with our continuing adventures sailing Ruth II northwards up the South Atlantic. 

There is a lovely rhythm to life once at sea, and once we were 2 hours out from St Helena it was like we had never stopped such was the resumption of routines. 

So again if the captions go out of sequence you know now what to do. 

1. We have had some lovely sunsets, this one was on our second night....

2. .... interrupted just half an hour later by a largish trawler which for some reason has AIS turned off. It came as a bit of a shock as we hadn't seen a ship or fishing vessel for weeks .

3. Daily life revolves around food including morning bread making...

4. .... Laundry....

5. ..... Fishmongering....

6. .... and more than a bit of sailing. This one shows the trusty trade wind sail described in an earlier post, with just the staysail to dampen the regular rolling, taken from the comfort of my bunk. 

7. And the same setup from above. 

8. We arrived in Ascension Island to find both the regular supply ship from Portsmouth, and a ship full of Aviation fuel both at anchor.

Anyway once the supply ship (her cook is Padraig from Tipperary) is unloaded she heads on to the Falklands as her next stop. The other ship will then start pumping aviation fuel ashore for Wide-Awake Airfield which seems to be a US and UK combined operation - and we will no longer be permitted to come ashore for safety reasons. 

We are ready to depart - but if we can stay another day then why not. We have done lots here already (second post on way shortly) in this most welcoming military place and would love another day here.