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Day 8 from Cape Town

Tuesday the 17th - 0930hrs

The further North we go the more overcast it gets - grey cloud above and
grey sea below merging in the far distant horizon.

We have seen nothing for days, no ships except for the occasional one
popping up on the AIS screen and when interrogated turn out to be 100NMs
from us at the least.

Yesterday we spied a lonely bosun bird, distinctive for its long tail
feather, swooping nearby for a short while before heading off again, God
knows where.

Our trusty Time Zero navigation system tells us that we have just another
440NM to run before we arrive at St. Helena, if this wind lasts we might
arrive sometime on the afternoon of the day after tomorrow, I don't think
any of us are too bothered, when we get there, we get there.

We have a birthday coming up so preparations are well in hand for a
celebration at sea. Ginger cake is underway and there is a Western theme
apparently so I think I need a Stetson and Revolver. Ruth II seems to have
everything so it is just a question of finding where Liam stowed it - I did
think ?Western when we are supposed to be going North - oh well!