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Day 2 from St. Helena

1300 - Wed 25th

Just over 24 hrs at sea now, on our way towards Ascension Island, all going
well we might arrive there in another 3 days.

The crew have slipped easily back into sailing mode, in fact I think
everyone is quite happy to be back in routine. We literally picked up the
watch system which worked so well on our previous leg and there is a rhythm
again to our lives which went missing in harbour.

Essentially there is one person always nominated to be "on watch", so by day
we each do 3 hrs on and by night 2 hrs. The nights tend to be on your own
(rule is lifejacket always on in dark) looking with only the stars and
sometimes a planet or the moon for company - it is quite peaceful generally
and a great time to gather thoughts.

Yesterday James produced lovely focaccia bread which had sat for 5 days in
the fridge before being baked, served with cheese for lunch. Par produced a
lovely butter chicken curry for dinner last night. Your author had snuck
ashore to Jamestown early that morning (for a walk!) and had a sneaky fry
while completing the last picture blog post so was rather well fed going to
the bunk last night!

The days are interesting, still trying to master the bread-maker which has a
mind of its own, there is a bit of celestial navigation going on, and some
exercising going on the aft deck.

With the current forecast it looks like the trade winds are going to be ok
all the way. Talk again tomorrow perhaps