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Back to Sea - bound for the Equator and beyond

We have has a lovely but very rushed visit to Ascension Island - we are leaving late today for the Cape Verde Islands off Senegal and we expect this 1500 NM leg of our Voyage to have a number of different stages.  The pic of the Navionics screen may help - a closer inspection of same will show appropriately the position of the equator. 

The first stage is a continuation of before, the SE trade winds that have carried us North North West since Cape Town should take us a fair bit, with luck we might get very near 0 degrees Lat before we start to enter the Doldrums (or Inter Tropical Convergence Zone as it is now called). 

Apparently in the ITCZ we could get anything, calms, heavy squalls, torrential rain, hot humid sticky bunks guaranteed. Right now our weather guru Chris Tibes advises that it is centered North of the Equator, and perhaps relatively narrow, which would suit us admirably. That would make Stage 2 as good as possible. 

Once through the ITCZ, we will be Stage 3, probably NE Trades which we will just have to push through, most likely motor sailing until we get to llha de Santiago or some other Cape Verde Island that has a port of entry.

Anyway we are as ready as we can be…