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Land Ho!

We are now only a day away from Mauritius, running before trade winds in
beautiful sunshine. Our 'bloomers 'trade wind sail gives us boat speed of almost half of the
wind speed. Lots of activity in anticipation of going ashore, our washing machine is
working overtime.

What an experience we have had on this voyage across the vast, sometimes hostile and intimidating environment of the Indian Ocean. The sea challenges the individual in so many ways. At times physically exhausting, at times sad, at times beautiful and euphoric. Coming towards shore, we can understand what draws people back to the sea.

This has been a unique journey with a very special group of individuals. We may not have known each other well before we set off, we certainly do now. Special thanks to our skipper James, unflustered and always patient, teaching and assisting while always in confident control. To Par, award winning journalist but more critically, a fantastic cook. Every meal cooked with imagination and flair in difficult circumstances. To Niko, full of energy and technical knowledge, always with a smile. Thanks to Ruth 2, a magnificent yacht with whom we have become so familiar. She gives confidence, so solid, well equipped and prepared for ocean voyages. Most importantly, our sincere thanks to Liam and Ruth for allowing all of
this to happen.

A once in a lifetime experience, never to be forgotten.

G & R


  1. Congratulation to all of you on crossing the Indian Ocean and your great teamwork, james


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