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Boats are Blokes

Boats are blokes

I am quite likely to invite a feminist fatwa on myself with this blog but let's face it ,I'm gonna be hard to track down off Africa for quite some time so I'm feeling brave 😄.

While my experience is by no means unique - I have sailed several thousands of miles as the only female racing crew, or delivery crew on yachts and I watch and I listen and I learn and I want to celebrate blokes on boats.

A boat is the gold ticket into Willy  Wonka's chocolate factory to a bloke, the proverbial kid in a candy shop experience. Blokes  are quite frankly made for boats and it's a joy to watch them excel and be happy.

A boat has it all, for blokes.

Mechanical , chemical , and electrical engineering . You've got meteorology and oceanography 

There's competition

There's navigation .

There's every tool under the sun and every gadget imaginable 

There's beer, lots of beer.

I learnt early on how to dodge the bloke thought process " woman = kitchen + food". I cooked willingly and really really badly. Bloke bullet dodged. They love their food and it never takes long for them to migrate into the galley and start producing decent grub. 

I've done really long passages and listened to them talk about boats literally all day long,never ever running out of material to discuss . They'll dip into bikes the odd time but probably only to discuss tool and material comparisons.

So today the blokes et moi, head for Durban . I've read Jimmy Cornell's descriptions and advice, I done the Chris Tibbs meteorology zoom and read all his weather updates. this will be a tricky passage and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also enjoying transitioning to a bloke, James has discovered to his delight that McGuinness loves boat bloke stuff and is a very willing apprentice .