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Biscuits and Birds

Thunder and lightening It's no lark, Have you ever been to the Phoenix Park? I like to go there in the dark To the zoological gardens. We knew when our father had played a good round of golf because he came home tipsy and singing that song when he had. I never did check were those the right words.....He would then start to tunelessly belt out Lilly the Pink and my mother would send him packing upstairs with his tail between his legs. We won't go into the day he played a sensational round, forgot that we had converted the garage and tried to drive the car into the garage! Back in those days drinking and driving was permitted. A lot has changed since then. My Da now says "Who are you"? when I visit. It was the lightening on watch last night that brought back those memories. I was treated to hours of spectacular flashes all around the boat. Out with Liam's Granny's biscuit tin ( The Faraday cage 😊), for all the essential electronics and nothing for i

The Gates of Hell

If class had been paying attention they would have the answer to why we delayed our departure from Reunion by a week. For those of you messing down the back...., we left a week late to avoid a nasty weather system packing strong gale force southerly winds. The main concern was the rapid reversal of wind direction that the front would bring to one of the fastest currents of the oceans. We have to cross this current - The Agulhas- to sail into Durban. When wind and current are in the same direction it's a happy sleigh ride. When they disagree with each other its more like surfing Mavericks but in a boat and boats don't cartwheel that well. Leaving on Sunday meant we would still sail through the front but not in the Agulhas current and she would have vented most of her rage by the time we met her. Monday night was the ETA of the front but she arrived early. I was snoozing below when I heard the radio crackle on, another boat was calling a boat ahead of the fleet asking them

Boats are Blokes

Boats are blokes I am quite likely to invite a feminist fatwa on myself with this blog but let's face it ,I'm gonna be hard to track down off Africa for quite some time so I'm feeling brave  😄 . While my experience is by no means unique - I have sailed several thousands of miles as the only female racing crew, or delivery crew on yachts and I watch and I listen and I learn and I want to celebrate blokes on boats. A boat is the gold ticket into Willy    Wonka's chocolate factory to a bloke, the proverbial kid in a candy shop experience. Blokes    are quite frankly made for boats and it's a joy to watch them excel and be happy. A boat has it all, for blokes. Mechanical , chemical , and electrical engineering . You've got meteorology and oceanography  There's competition There's navigation . There's every tool under the sun and every gadget imaginable  There's beer, lots of beer. I learnt early on how to dodge the bloke thought process " woman

Phone a friend.

Sailing personalities competition ! Add wet, cold, and fatigue and it all comes out! So tonight pick your sailor and decide who you just might be? Hopefully none of our contestants 😄. Answers to Mary Fairy for the huge cash prize. Mary. 1. Rodger the cabin boy sailor 2. Hyacinth Bucket." sailor" 3. Over anxious solo night watch sailor. 4. Onslow sailor. 5. Master and commander sailor.

Fingers on the buzzers

RIGHT We've all been in at least one of these sailing situations, so tonight's round is an easy one. 1. Regatta beer goggles. 2. Sea sick- very 🤢. 3. Racing couple " I DID say gybe in 3 boat lengths didn't I ? But nooooo, you didn't listen did you"?!! Answers on a postcard please. The final round is tomorrow - Sailing Personalities. It'll be tough and the competition fierce so you can phone a friend. Mary

Karma Seatra

Ok folks it's competition time!  I'm running a three day sailing trivia regatta from Reunion.   Rules are straight forward. All you have to match the image to the numbered description . Answers on a post card please to Mary Fairy,  Ruth 2, 20 56.448'S 055 16.980'E Todays challenge is to match the sleeping sailors to points of sail. Port beat 25 knots .  Starboard Fetch 20    knots  Downwind derby, 30 knots , 3 meter swell . Broad reach in 5 knots . GOOD LUCK to you all and I'm looking forward to tomorrows event- sailing situations. Mary Sent from my iPhone

Bad Penny

There was a sailor named Mary, Known by the pals as Mary Fairy, When Ruth Two's underway , Mary won't go away, There was a sailor called Mary. Yep folks I'M BACK 😄! Standby for more updates on the Adventures of Mary the menopausal sailor.👱‍♀️ Sent from my iPhone

A Bad Penny

Land Ho!

We are now only a day away from Mauritius, running before trade winds in beautiful sunshine. Our 'bloomers 'trade wind sail gives us boat speed of almost half of the wind speed. Lots of activity in anticipation of going ashore, our washing machine is working overtime. What an experience we have had on this voyage across the vast, sometimes hostile and intimidating environment of the Indian Ocean. The sea challenges the individual in so many ways. At times physically exhausting, at times sad, at times beautiful and euphoric. Coming towards shore, we can understand what draws people back to the sea. This has been a unique journey with a very special group of individuals. We may not have known each other well before we set off, we certainly do now. Special thanks to our skipper James, unflustered and always patient, teaching and assisting while always in confident control. To Par, award winning journalist but more critically, a fantastic cook. Every meal cooked with imagination