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Pause for thought

We have been alarmed at the large amounts of plastic on the surface of the ocean. For almost 2000 nautical miles after leaving Indonesia, there is continuous evidence of petrochemical waste on the sea surface. Lines of plastic packaging stretch out across the sea. The beautiful beaches of the remote Cocos Keeling islands are covered in every colour of plastic. Piles of flip flops and single use plastic everywhere. Pictured are a group of Cocos Keeling residents we met cleaning their beaches. This vast ocean is polluted by our waste. This problem is getting worse and we need global leadership and solutions to address it.

We are now 9 days out from Cocos Keeling islands and have only 550 nautical miles to go. Over 1800nautical miles travelled. The winds and seas have been less agitated as we have come west. We had a few days of over 30 knots with large following waves. Ruth 2 looks after us well and is untroubled by the sometimes mountainous seas. Temperatures remain very comfortable on deck, t shirt weather. It is getting a little cooler at night, jackets optional. Richard caught a large Wahoo yesterday, 1.3 meters and over 12 kg. Our freezer is full! Starting to think about returning to the world now!


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