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Life at sea

Day 5 at sea with only 150 nautical miles to Cocos Keeling. We expect to drop anchor at Direction Island tomorrow morning, Friday October 14th. Customs clearance on arrival. The trade winds have been very consistent in both speed and direction for this leg. Broad reaching in 15 to 20 knots of breeze, Ruth 2  pressing on at 9-10 knots. Fantastic sailing. The moon has also travelled with us, lighting the boat and sea around us as we move at speed. A visual and sound delight. The sea swell has been variable and at times a little uncomfortable. It can be challenging to brace yourself in your bunk to avoid being thrown out!  Bread making efforts have had mixed success, James has set a high standard for us. Heavy rains yesterday made it look like the west of Ireland! It was a day of sail management as squalls appeared on the radar. We had some visitors hitching a ride with us this morning, a pair of birds spent the morning preening themselves, unconcerned about human presence. The crew are settled into our watch patterns, enjoying each other's company on this vast expanse of ocean.
Cocktails tomorrow!


  1. Loving the blog guys - continued fair winds to you !!!


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