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Life aboard

Day four on Ruth 2 and it is warm! Beautiful sailing conditions and we now have our headsail poled out on a broad reach making 8 knots. Our average speed since departing Gili Gede is 8.5 knots over 625 miles which is pretty impressive. On the Oyster radio position reports this morning, most of the fleet are tracking to the south and astern of us. All reporting great sailing. Sea conditions are relatively calm and we are able to do laundry. Small groups of sea birds follow in our wake and flying fish swarm ahead of us, some ending up on the deck. A beautiful yellow Bosun bird was a most distinctive visitor. Fishing is good, we caught 2 Mahi Mahi, one made into a tasty ceviche, the second on the BBQ for breakfast. As we pass south of Christmas Island, 40 miles to the north, we encounter some commercial shipping in the lanes from Australia. Hooked a big Wahoo which Nicko fought for 20 minutes, just as it got it to the boat the hook broke and it got away. No lunch!
Happy days.