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Cocos Keeling Islands

We lifted anchor yesterday, October 21st and sailed away from the beautiful Cocos Keeling Islands. Over 2300 nautical miles of open water ahead of us. What a week! Anchored off Direction Island, waking to spectacular brilliant blue water every day. Every colour blue on show, enhanced by the powder like sand below our keel. Black tip reef sharks hang around the boat having devoured the barracuda
hat we caught as we crossed the reef on arrival. On shore, the connection to the outside world is a shed with a WIFI spot, pay as you go. The busiest place around as crews catch up with home sitting under a tin roof full of suspended memories of previous yachts passing through.
Direction Island beach was voted the most beautiful beach in Australia, it is hard to disagree. The island is very small and uninhabited. Covered with coconut palms, planted by the 'king' of the islands the Clunies-Ross family. Until the eighties this group of islands was run as a fiefdom by one individual who
printed his own money. We spent our week exploring the islands, two of which are inhabited. A curious place, caught in some kind of time warp. Supplies are limited and, worse, there is nowhere to buy beer! Additional logistical challenges include no place to buy petrol. West island includes a golf course with holes where you tee off across an active runway. We did not play but did enjoy a beer in the outdoor clubhouse, on the side of the runway. Flights only arrive twice a week from Perth and we are told there are no seats available until December. We lost a few days as significant repair work was required to our rig. Two of the lower shrouds were found to have damage. Thanks to our excellent crew and our large inventory of spare parts, satisfactory repairs were completed. The stern thruster was also repaired and the hull cleaned. Undersea beauty was explored, turtles, sharks, corals, all in warm clear water. On most evenings there was a BBQ ashore and the week ended with an Oyster fleet party. We were entertained by the excellent musical talents of the crew Irene iv and others. Sore heads the following morning. Rum stock has been depleted!
Heading west, blue horizon for 360 degrees.