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30kt Breakfasts

Poached eggs and seven days at sea. We continue like stubborn fellow sailors always have. Fighting the three meters swell that this vast ocean is giving us. But we tell you this we are very much occupied with knot- and fish caching activities. At this point of the journey there is a clear routine onboard, watches to attend and housekeeping to do. But what astonish me the most is that this is probably the loneliest sea I have ever sailed. Even the stars are scarce. I haven't seen any airplane passing by nor satellites or other boats. I saw a halo of a fishing vessel six days ago. Anyhow we are not alone as we have our dear Oyster friends accompanying us along the route to Mauritius. Yesterday we could report sight of a handful of false killer whales popping up and breaking the navy blue oceanic water next to the boat. That's all for now I believe we have a delayed half way BBQ party to attend on the aft deck on the boat.



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