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Short stay in New Caledonia

Thursday 21 st July 

Having sadly left Fiji on Friday 15 th we made our way towards New Caledonia. At first
 we had light winds but then as forecasted the winds built and stayed too far forward for comfort levels . We all had an u pleasant 24 hrs with small amounts of toast ! However like everything it passed ,wind backed 3 m seas went down to 1.5 m and we were in luxury again ! 
We arrived in the channel for Noumea the Capital of New Caledonia at 2 Am Tuesday morning . Liam as always had it very carefull chatted and we picked up our pilot lights for the next 4 hours with little difficulty .I took the mountain photo at dawn to prove that Captain cool was correct in declaring it reminded him of Scotland !! We arrived to a superb marina with full services and have been exploring Noumea for the last few days . It is very French of course I keep saying Brittany James thinks Marseille ! We've walked shopped swum in a 50 m outdoor pool and have had a chance to catch up with Friends and of course to start planning the next leg.

There are six Oysters here and current plans are to leave tomorrow for Australia . It's likely we will have a full 24 hour beat into 25on with improved conditions to follow . Two of the boat coming with us are double handed and so we feel luxurious being three !
I'm Off to make lots of Classic sandwiches and it reminds me just a tiny bit like a long Isora  prep 760miles  to Mackay …
Will update soon !