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A Gathering of the fleet in Musket Cove !

On  Friday 2nd July the rest of the fleet began to appear at the dock in Musket Cove . The entrance was tricky enough through the narrow passage that could only be approached in high tide but Patrick the Marina Manager patiently guided everyone in to the Med Mooring docking something that hadn't been practised in a while!! 
We passed a great weekend on the dock together culminating in a wonderful  Fijian Party on Sunday night with an excellent DJ and far more dancing than we care to remember! 
For the Ruth II crew it was especially fun as we hadn't seen a lot of the fleet  since at least Bora Bora . Lots of Stories were swapped about tricky reef passages particularly in the Lau group . 
One of the most striking aspects of Fiji which I hadn't appreciated before was its size and although we have been here for six weeks we have still run out of time . The Lau group of Islands are the most isolated and group of islands to the South and we heard some wonderful accounts  of cruising there so we will just have to save them for the next time!!
After Musket Cove we sailed back to Denauru  Marina and Liam Alice and I took off for a week on land in the south of Vita Levi and enjoyed some lazy leisure time . 
That's all about to change Alice has left and we are now making plans to start sailing towards Australia with a potential stop in New Caledonia which is a little complicated by Celebrations for Bastille Day !! In preparation for New Caledonia I was recommended to read "Miss Bensons Beetle " by  Rachel Joyce which I thoroughly enjoyed and even if we don't stop I'll be looking out for the Golden Beetle as we pass by!
We will be sad to leave it has been such a welcoming Country with warm and friendly people who posses an insatiable interest in Rugby .! ( a great place to be for an all blacks win). It will be hard to walk down the Stillorgan Road and not to be greeted with  a loud "BULA "as you pass your neighbour!