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Sevusevu ceremony in Malolo islands

So today after just over a month in Fiji we got a wonderful opportunity to attend a Sevusevu ceremony.
This is a Fijian custom whereby a visitor to a Village must visit the Chief and bring a present of Kava a local root crop which is ground into a drink which we were told had a  calming or numbing effect.
We are currently on a small Marina at Musket Cove a resort on Malolo lailai  an attractive just off the Coast near Nadi . Our daughter Alice arrived on Sunday and we sailed up here with the intention of island hopping! However we have made ourselves very comfortable here and after a tricky passage in and a whole .2m under the keel at low tide we decided to stay put for a few days and tour our surroundings by Dinghy! 
On a hike yesterday we met a local lady who offered to bring us on a tour of the two local villages . We set off this am at 9 am with our Kava in hand and some goodies for the school . 
We met two separate chiefs both of them really welcoming . Alice and I wore the tradition Sulus covering our knees and Liam had  long shorts . We sampled the Kava which certainly had a numbing effect on the throat and tongue.
We visited the kindergarten school  ( Alice was a big hit with the kids) and a wonderful craft centre run by local woman. 
We are planning to stay another few days here as we have an Oyster gathering at the weekend and then it's off to the mainland for a few days onshore before we start provisioning for the passage to New Caledonia!