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Island hopping in Fiji

We arrived in Fiji over two weeks ago and have enjoyed ourselves so much that unfortunately the blog got neglected ! We started with a week on the Marina at Cora Shed in Savusavu where we enjoyed the hospitality of the yacht club , had a couple of days in Koro Sun resort and generally did lots of  provisioning for the  cruising ahead ! We replenished all our pork supplies in an excellent deli close by !
We swam most daysat a beach  about 5km down the coast near the  Cousteau resort and admired the luxurious resort from the Sea!
We then set off North to Taveuni known as the garden island of Fiji and having spent 10 days cruising here it is a truly special place . Our highlights were diving on rainbow reef in particular the "white Wall" an amazing coloured Coral cliff stretching down to 30 m ( very deep for me !) we dived with some lovely instructors ,Milena in Garden Sun resort and Julie in Taveuni Ocean Sports . 
We had one day hiking in the Bouma National  Park managing to swim in all three waterfalls which was truly beautiful! 
We met some lovely warm People, everyone was really friendly and thrilled to meet tourists again . We attended Mass in the Catholic mission and met the Bishop of the Archdiocese who welcomed us warmly from the Alter!
Earlier this week we moved over to Viani Bay across from Taveuni where again we were greeted warmly had a delicious meal onshore , visited the local school to offload some treats originally bought in Belmullet ! You cant beat fun size Haribos to cause some excitement .
While visiting Viani we took a trip to Rabi  island in an open fishing boat to swim with Manta Rays amazing and totally exhausting . The system was to spot the mantas jump
In swim alongside with long flippers  then jump
back in  the boat and wait for the next one . I know I've lost some fitness but on the 7/8th jump in Liam and I opted to watch from the boat! 
Then yesterday we sailed to the private island of Matangi where we spent a wonderful night in the Resort being again  warmly welcomed to celebrate Toms birthday and watch a wonderful local dance show from a neighbouring island! 
Today we are flying down the coast in lashing rain  to the southern tip of Taveuni where unfortunately we will drop Peter off to make his way to New York to start his J1 . We have Tom for  another week and will make our way south to Denaru  off the  main  Island on Vito Levu and I promise to not to keep so quiet on this trip!

The pictures attached include Bouma Waterfall on Taveuni , the picnic after manta ray swimming , paddle boarding in Viani Bay and finally the school boat and the head teacher outside the Primary School we visited also at  Viani Bay . 



  1. Great to see and hear about your Oddessey again - live the Haribo story - ET

  2. So lovely to hear from you and delighted that you holiday with the lads is going so well. Looks amazing! Enjoy. Mary


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