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Almost in Fiji

I must admit if I had had the time to think it through I would have been apprehensive heading into this 11 day passage between Bora Bora and Fiji . However it was so busy leaving Ireland I had to adopt my usual one day at a time approach . The day after we landed we headed out as a crew of three James Liam and I . I was given the easy watches 5 am to 9am and 5 pm to 9pm Sunrise and sunset (allowing plenty of time for early morning exercise) . I was determined not to be the"" weakest link "and am pleased to say Liam only had to sleep in the cockpit a couple of times including this am when we had a 35 knt squall and I was delighted to have him ! My impressions of South Pacific ? - very isolated. We have seen approximately 6 birds one pod of pygmy killer whales ( identified with John Finlay's book!) one cargo ship and one yacht in 10 days. It made the Atlantic seem like the N11. Housekeeping with three on board has been a breeze and consequently I have finished four books . I find the kindle a great companion on a quiet night watch so I have been rereading some Maeve Binchy following her recent documentary and by day I am currently on Nora Barnacle and being the year that's in it I am hoping to try at least listen to Ulysses between Fiji and New Caledonia ! So now we are due to arrive in Fiji in 24 hours. Peter has just arrived in Savu Savu where we land tomorrow having described his last flight as basically a"" sling shot with wings ! Tom joins next week and we have a route planned around the islands including the more remote ones with hopefully some good dive spots . The rest of the fleet are generally arriving next week and it will be good to catch up as we have missed the last couple of Rally parties! As I write In preparation for Fiji we are not allowed either pork or honey so we have left a trail of sticky rashers behind us !!


  1. Hi Ruth and Liam , Jeremy and I are getting immense pleasure in following your progress and reading your fascinating blog while having breakfast in Doolough ! ,Travel well!

  2. Just wonderful hearing all the adventures. Feeling we are there with you. The writing is superb. Nora Barnacle has nothing on this. Hoping to hear more adventures from Fiji and beyond. Go sailing!

  3. So nice to hear of your adventures Fiji looks amazing on da net - lucky you xx
    if you’re looking for reading material , “cutting for Stone” & I’ve just finished a very quirky book “Miss Benson’s Beetle” based in Poum New Caledonia !
    How far to Australia ?


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