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Tropical Rain & Mariah Carey

We hadn't had a tropical rain shower since our airport coffee in Raiatea on our first day, but rain was in the forecast today. After breakfast, Suzi and I had to get departure covid tests in Vaitape, the main town on the island. Ben dropped us in the dinghy to Pharmacie Lafayette and then Ben and Liam moved the boat to a new mooring buoy beside Bora Bora Yacht Club. Our dinner spot for that evening.

The rain started just as Liam and Ben left the boat to join us for lunch and exploration. When it rains here, it pours. We jumped from shop to shop to avoid the warm rain. At 1230 we stopped for lunch, the rain began to ease so we walked along the shorefront road to Saint James restaurant. We had a long lunch under cover. All the fish was fresh from Bora Bora. All the meat was flown from Paris. Conversation focused on air miles and mostly fish was ordered. The rain continued after lunch, Ben went and got the dinghy, Liam checked out a fuel dock nearby, and Suzi and I held our seafront table in Saint James and tried out their rum cocktails. Delicious- would recommend.

Liam and Ben collected us from the restaurant in the dinghy. We were completely soaked getting back onboard, only one thing for us, a swim! The water was like a warm bath in comparison to the rain. A really cool experience.

We retired below to get dry and cool in the A/C and had an afternoon reading and snoozing.

The rain subsided for dinner and we pottered into Bora Bora Yacht Club ( not a real club, a private restaurant, but they have very cool merchandise all the same. Dinner was delicious, we had a table with a view of Ruth II sitting pretty with her mast lit up. She is a stand out beauty in every harbour.

Suzi and Ben enquired about a local discotheque a few pontoons up, we decided against it and retired back to the boat. As we departed, a very large yacht tender arrived at the pontoon, pro crew in matching t-shirts, deposited a famous singer and her entourage. We scurried back to the boat to do some googling before bed.

Ben will take over the blog as Suzi and I depart from Bora Bora tomorrow evening. Wishing Liam and Ruth and all who sail on Ruth II fair winds and following seas as they continue their circumnavigation. Thanks for letting us be a part of the adventure.

Cúmhaí & Suzi