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Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic? I do ….. now.

Some say " I've died and gone to heaven". 

I say , I'm so ,so alive and in heaven.

I'm struggling to write anything as words will never really capture how magical this atoll is. 

This has to be the sweet spot of life for those of us that love the sea, love people and love wildlife. It's has to be rare to have it all so peacefully so magnificently in one out of the way place.

On the seamanship side of things

Getting into here was a two pairs of underpants wild ride. Our 40 tonne boat was like a canoe in a rapid. 

Because Liam had put so much research into how to get in safely we could relax and enjoy as the boat headed for the Niagara falls!!! We were treated big time when a dolphin jumped clear out of the water in front of us distracting us beautifully from the fact that if the engine went so would we!

Once in and the water calm the amazement started and is yet to stop.
Everywhere you look is so so gorgeous and the people so chilled and friendly. It hasn't been destroyed by tourism as it's too difficult to get here . The locals the land and the wild life have been spared that insult and damage and our lucky souls are relishing it all.

We've done 3 dives here.

I'm very much a beginner diver and the diving here isn't easy. Egged on by my brothers and reassured by Sue ( a swimming pal who dives), I decided to punch through my fears and do the drift dives.A lesson in life - don't ever stop rising to challenges - they sometimes enrich. The photos only go so far ,I simply don't have the writing skills to portray the affect .