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Two Meters

Two Meters

How many times have we seen and heard that measurement over the last 23 months? Too many times .

The two meter rule applies here too but it's 2 meters from all wildlife. A happy transition for sure.

The only problem is that the animals can't read and we are having difficulty explaining this to the sea-lions in general and the iguanas in particular. 

One friend from Irene IV had a dispute with a sea lion relating to social distancing and ended up in a&e with a nasty bite on his calf. But he is recovering well and has taken it in good spirits.

In Ireland, they say you are never more than 3 feet away from a rodent. In Galapagos, it would be difficult to avoid meeting an exotic animal within the same 3 feet.

We are truly privileged to have the opportunity to see all of these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. 

Mary is a hero and a rock star.( She made me say that)!