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To market to market

To buy a fat pig. Home again, home again gigety-gig . To market to market, to buy a fat hog. Home again , home again , gigety- jog.

I'll NEVER WHINGE about the Christmas food shop again 😄!

On foot, with every bag we collectively owned off to the market we did go. Fresh and fantastic locally grown fruit in veg. The oranges weren't orange - they were so organic they were green. I could see them becoming a best seller in the Dalkey dry robe community .

No packaging - in fact no bags even- BYO.

I loved it!

A taxi brought us back to the slip where a water taxi took us to the boat to off load. But that was just the fresh stuff…..

Off out again with our bags for the dried and cans. Five trolleys later we left. My trolley hit a pot hole on the way to the dock and all the wraps landed in a muddy puddle . 'Twas a far cry from the Land Rover in the Cornelscourt car park after weekly food shop and my was language too!

Another water taxi another off load onto the boat. A two man, one mighty woman hefty work out .

STOWING next. Well Holy God and be lubbering Jaysus !!! The worst jigsaw puzzle ever. Trying to find the right place with the right shape and space for every bloody thing you'd purchased !!!

I woke this morning thinking , I'll do the provisioning then I'll head for the turtle beach. My mind had given it three hours tops. We started at 10 am and worked non stop on it til 7 pm.

A job well done always feels good. We feel good.

Tomorrow we head to sea. Three thousand miles to do.