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Muchas Tortuga

Many tortoises .

Just like the yank tourists photographing sheep on Connemara roads, so were we, only giant tortoises on Santa Cruz. They graze along the side of the road like pony's grazing " the long acre".

My son Oscar has two tortoises at home. Geogre and Tony are eight years old and they're only the size of a side plate. Thankfully they will never reach the size of a Galapagos tortoise. They're so huge!!! The males can weigh as much as 417kgs and eat 4kgs of grass a day! Good lawnmowers methinks.

Santa Cruz is the last island of our tour here and not my favourite of the three we visited. It's the Benidorm of Galapagos 🥂🥃💃🏼🕺👯‍♀️!

Tomorrow we plan to snorkel with sharks, rays , turtles and sea lions an exciting tour on the last of these fabulous islands before the real sailing begins!

James has serviced the water maker , the generator and the engine.We've the stainless steal to wax tomorrow evening then the big food shop which could be our biggest challenge so far. The shops are pretty sketchy here!!