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Green tape

Photo of Éibhe with the Galapagos customs official !!!

Yesterday we arrived in Galapagos and checked in.

The Seamasters agent came and talked us through the process which was very helpful.

A Doctor and nurse boarded next and checked our blood pressure, oxygen saturations and lungs. Everyone's blood pressures were better. Courtesy no doubt of the chilled doldrums passage and healthy food.

Next came two divers to check our hull. No barnacles or seaweed allowed. Our " bum" was clean which was a big relief . If they find anything you have to go 60 miles offshore and scrub out there. No fun in the open ocean.

Then the big guns arrive.

1.A navy officer to check entry permits, passports and yacht certification.
2.An immigration officer to issue visas
3. Quarantine inspectors to inspect the galley, fridge , freezer and food stores.
No oranges, no mangos , no berries, no pork , no beef, no chia , no fruit with leaves. No food in bad condition
4. A national park inspector to check the fuel, the fumigation certificate , the hull clean certificate ,the lists of specifications of life rafts, life jackets, copy of anti fouling certificate and then some!!!

And how was all this?

Calm easy and friendly. They're lovely people here, really lovely.

All these checks protect this wonderful place. Today we snorkelled with hammer heads and rays .

Feels like we're in a Blue Planet program. Standby for a Mary Attenborough special .