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Five Climb a Volcano

Today we struck out for the Sierra Negra Volcano on Isla Isobela. The second largest volcano in the world.

The bus journey there had our teeth rattling ! It was the ultimate bone shaker. One was missing one's Land Rover with the air suspension . ( I'm learning to speak posh yottie )😄!!

If you were wondering if you were osteoporotic or had haemorrhoids you had your diagnosis 10kms into the journey confirmed . No need for fancy Beacon diagnostics !!!

Hot and humid starting off I pondered the profound question . Which to I prefer? Going uphill or going downhill?

Having given it much consideration over the long hike and on mature I reflection I arrived at my answer.


The crater was HUGE 110kms around and the volcano is still active. The landscape beyond it was like nowhere I've been or anything I've seen except in the movie The Martian . Spectacular

Lunch was included in the tour with vegetarian or meat options. It brought me back to my national school lunches.

Veggie option:
Juice box
Wagon Wheel
Jam sandwich
Nasty apple.

Meat option :
Juice box
Wagon wheel
Jam sandwich
Nasty apple 😄😄😄!!! Poor Andrew.

On the way down we got caught in the mother and father of all thunder storms with forked lightening . The path turned to a red mud river and a canoe just might have worked. My hands had pruned by the time we got back to the bus- where the real fun started!!

Two passengers had ferries to catch and we were running very late . The driver decided he'd go for it! Imagine any rollercoaster you've been on…., now make it higher…., make it faster…, remove all trustworthy 21st century engineering and throw health and safety out the window. He appeared to believe that accelerating around hair pin bends was the way to go??!!! We chose laughter over shrieking in fear and that worked for us,

Back on board now with hot cups of tea n biscuits, and later we'll have lashings of ginger beer .

Five had an adventure.



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