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The Mary Wicks 5 to 15 knot workout

The first thing I feel most of us would have to overcome to maintain a fitness routine on a passage with lots of crew on board is self-consciousness. The way I look at it is, well, we are all used to seeing folks running and cycling so what's the big deal if I choose outdoor yoga or pilates?
So go ahead! At 53, my exercise priorities have long since left the body beautiful. I'm looking to maintain bone health, joint range, soft tissue strength and of course balance.
As a physiotherapist who has specialised in musculo-skeletal pathologies I know only too well what bullets are coming for my muscles and joints down the tracks. Thankfully I know how to dodge them so I have therapeutic exercises in my routine.
With all that in mind, I have put together an hours long exercise programme and I am really enjoying it on board. It's hard to share without videos and descriptions but I'll name them as I go, more to give folks an idea of what's working on board so far with the wind and sea state we have.
Some exercises will cross into higher winds and moderate seas so I'll invent and tweak as conditions change. To warm up, 10 minutes of Tai Chi - there is a really lovely routine on Youtube with a lady called Leia. It calms you down, gets your body moving and your mind focused. Next, yoga balance poses including 6 sun salutations with hip and spinal releasing embedded into them. That takes about 10 minutes. The TRX follows this. Fab bit of kit on a boat and only 20 euros in Decathlon. Lots of squats, lunges and shoulder strength options. The spinnaker pole is perfect for securing it! I do 20 minutes of that and it's pretty tough going.
Almost there, I continue with 20 minutes of mat based pilates for core strength and joint health.
I like to finish with 5 minutes meditation because I'm a wannabe hippy - I find that the hardest!