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Lava lamp

How many of us can say that our work life balance isn't sweet harmony?
None, I'd guess.

Days at home are like an overpopulated excel spreadsheet - where every tiny
rectangle has a rushed task assigned to it. The "could-haves", the
"should-haves", the "deal with it"piles, the "to-do lists".

Not so now on board.

We are in the doldrums for two days now.

The shape of time has changed for us. We are in a place where ryhthms of
nature shape our day - tide, wind, sun and moon.

There's a lazy hourly metronome adding a gentle rhythm to our days:
Tick - log
Tock - log, plot
Tick - log
Tock - log, plot

Bored? No.

With the absence of the wind we feel like we are in a lovely lava lamp land
gently gliding along in no rush to leave its peace and contentment.