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Kermit the frog

As the great Kermit once said, " It's not easy being green".

Lilly white with the occasional streak of sun burn where we'd missed a bit, we landed on the surf beach. Tee shirts, shorts, bum bags and sandals . The Irish on holidays .

Well Holy smoke, the cruising guide
only said this anchorage was uncomfortable in a southerly. It never mentioned that you'd be extremely uncomfortable because it's Bay Watch ashore!

You had to be tanned, 20 years old in a bikini with no gluteal coverage to blend in. We were lambs to the beautiful people slaughter .

Selina are a company that have groovy hostels for hipster 20 year olds and this beach has three.They really are fantastic as you can see in the pics. Oh for a time machine. Hostels we're nothing like this when I was young and traveling - they were more like the " The Roach Inn". Hourly rates and group reductions !!!

Once we had accepted our anatomical and sartorial situation we enjoyed a long stroll on this beautiful beach ,a spectacular sunset and a sneaky burger 🍔🍔!

Today we're going surfing - well Éibhe is, I'm more a middle aged ripple rafter with no shame .🏄‍♀️!