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Firsts in your fifties are often unwelcome and seldom fun. Your first pair of reading glasses, your first repeat prescription, your first "procedure".

Our days in the Las Perlas islands have brought us only joyful firsts.

The most spectacular was a dolphin mega pod that stayed with us for more than an hour as we sailed to Isla Canas. Eibhe had never seen a dolphin , so her young amazement brought me so much happiness.

Then....., our first whales, so close we could see their detail and the small fish they were chasing.

Last night we had huge bats fishing alongside the boat. Silent, agile and swift. I never knew bats could fish like sea birds.

The islands are mostly uninhabited. The vegetation lush and gorgeous, the beaches white and idyllic and we are the only boat here! We enjoyed watching hundreds of the tiniest hermit crabs I have ever seen tottering around in the tree line on one island, humming birds on another and beautiful fish
snorkelling off another

Eibhe brought a coconut "home", and James patiently prepared it for her. She took it a step further and coated it with melted dark chocolate. Our very own bounty bar.

We caught our first fish, a tuna. and grilled it on the barbeque. I tried to make Liams tuna salad with the left overs. I failed!

The sailor in me loves Ruth 2. She sails so well, even with a washing machine on board! We're getting and easy 7.5 knots with 13 knots of breeze at a TWA of 90 and trimming for comfort not speed. Not too shabby!

I'm definitely not in the "school for the gifted" when it comes to anchoring. The ever patient James is getting me there. My last drop was borderline acceptable.

This morning we rode the tide in the dinghy up a river and then scrubbed the hull. Thanks for the loan of your toothbrush Liam. It was really great for getting the barnacles out of the heads outlet.

We've an overnight sail to a surf beach this evening.




  1. First in our 50's are rarely fun - LOVE it!!!!😅🤣


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